Culturally sensitive College preparation

Sankofa has deep meaning in the African American tradition. It means to have one look back and not forget to reach down and share some of the wealth and good stuff with those coming behind. Sankofa in my life, relates to real life behavior that once I have more, I share that and watch that travel onto a wellspring of good deeds.

My opportunities and privilege in the educational sense have provided me with some of the finest education that the world has to offer. It is my deep community responsibility to reach down deep and share the things I have learned along the way. That is the genesis of Sankofa Consulting.

Helping communities of color, whether they be first generation, a lower socio-economic status or other marginalized groups (transfer students and non-traditional aged students). It is my helping my friends, neighbors that has lead me here. The college application process is a hard one. I want to help demystify the application process for groups that may be struggling to complete it themselves.

This is my way to do the work that I enjoy and also make real change in the communities of color that I know are systematically outside of the ivory tower.

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